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Suga makes ‘3 Cs’ appeal to youth on Twitter

Written by on April 2, 2021

Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide has used his official Twitter account to call on the country’s young people to observe anti-coronavirus measures.

Suga congratulated new students and workers in a tweet on Thursday, the first day of the school and business year for many people in Japan.

He wrote that he remembers coming to Tokyo from the northern prefecture of Akita with a mixture of hopes and worries more than 50 years ago.

He said he is aware that some people are experiencing difficulties amid the continuing impact of the coronavirus. He said he will do all he can so that everyone can study and work without worries.

Suga asked young people to continue taking preventive measures such as wearing masks, washing hands and avoiding the “Three Cs” — closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings.

He wrote that he also wants them to take action to protect themselves as well as their families, friends and other people who are precious to them.

Suga pledged to contain the virus as soon as possible and said he is resolved to protect people’s lives and livelihoods.


Apr 02

Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide has used his official Twitter account to call on the country’s young people to observe anti-coronavirus measures.

Apr 01

New teaching guidelines for the subjects of kōkyō (public affairs) and chiri sōgō (comprehensive geography) stipulate that four Russian-held northeastern Pacific islands, the Sea of Japan islands of Takeshima and the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea should be described as Japan’s inherent territories. (Japan Times)

Mar 31

An organization on broadcasting ethics in Japan has ruled that a TV reality show failed to consider the possible mental distress of a cast member who died in a suspected suicide after being slandered on social media.

Mar 31

Japan ranked 120th among 156 countries in the gender gap rankings in 2021, remaining in last place among major advanced economies, a Swiss-based think tank said Wednesday.
(Japan Today)

Mar 29

A recent survey by Japan’s Ministry of Justice showed that 40.5% of people who as minors went through a parental divorce or separation said they experienced financial difficulties after the event.
(Japan Times)

Mar 28

How to make Steamed meat dumplings called Shu-mai from scratch. (Kimono Mom)

Mar 28

What’s a Japanese spring without university entrance ceremonies in cherry blossom season? That&’s precisely what happened last year after many festivities were canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. (Japan Times)

Mar 27

Over the last several months, there’s been an increasing sentiment in Japan that it’s time for schools to take another look at their student conduct rules, and ask if they’re all really contributing to a better learning environment. One of the most controversial policies: schools that say students must wear white underwear. (

Mar 26

The Times Higher Education Japan University Rankings 2021 are designed to answer the questions that matter most to students and their families when making one of the most important decisions of their lives – who to trust with their education. (

Mar 24

Japan’s government has held its first examination in Vietnam for people to get work visas including residential status for specified vocational skills.

Mar 22

Cults and other dubious groups are approaching university students who feel lonely and isolated by the ongoing closure of classrooms as the COVID-19 pandemic stretches into a second year. (Nikkei)

Mar 22

The number of suicides in Japan has topped 21,000 in 2020, the first year-on-year increase since 2009, the year after the global financial crisis triggered by Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy.

Mar 20

The proportion of job-seeking university students in Japan graduating this month who had secured informal job offers as of Feb. 1 fell for the first time in 10 years, a government survey showed Friday. (Japan Times)

Mar 16

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Japan is supporting Vietnam and Ghana to realize their sustainable and independent medical care systems for medium and long term. (外務省 / MOFA)

Mar 15

Researchers at a Japanese cancer center have found that the more alcohol premenopausal Japanese women drink, the more likely they are to develop breast cancer.

Mar 14

24hours of Japanese mom and 23 month-old-baby. (Kimono Mom)

Mar 14

The life of a wakashu in Edo Period Japan. Sometimes called Japan’s third gender. ()

Mar 14

A group of researchers studying disaster management say they will call on the government to designate March 11th as the day for teaching about disaster management and handing down disaster experiences.

Mar 14

Japan Airlines has concluded a partnership agreement with a university in Russia’s Far East in a bid to promote academic and cultural exchanges between the countries.

Mar 13

It’s a documentary about child sexual abuse in Japan. (TBS NEWS)

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