Kyoto composer who ‘wanted to film women’ with spy cam in toilet shot some men too – The Foreigners magazine In tokyo
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Kyoto composer who ‘wanted to film women’ with spy cam in toilet shot some men too

Written by on June 23, 2021

KYOTO (TR) – For those who plant hidden cameras, one point of caution: The target of the lens could be out of your hands.

At least that is what one 44-year-old male composer living in Kyoto City found out earlier this year, reports the Kyoto Shimbun (June 22).

On Tuesday, Kyoto Prefectural Police sent the man to prosecutors for violating a prefectural public nuisance ordinance.

According to the Yamashina Police Station, the composer planted a pair of hidden cameras — each measuring 2.5 centimeters square around the lens — inside toilets at restaurants in Yamashina and Ukyo wards.

“I wanted to film women,” the composer told police. But it didn’t exactly work out that way.

A composer planted hidden cameras in restaurant toilets in Kyoto City dating back to last year (Twitter)

On January 21, one camera captured tosatsu (voyeur) footage of the lower body of a 23-year-old male university student. Ten days later, the other shot similar footage of a 30-year-old male part-time employee.

Police say that the composer placed the cameras in the toilets during visits of up to two hours between last October and February. He affixed the cameras to a door and diaper-changing table.

During the investigation, police searched his residence in Shimogyo Ward and found a computer containing illicit footage of 659 men and women.

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