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Walk-in vaccination site in Tokyo continues to see surge of people hoping to get shots

Written by on August 30, 2021

Thousands of people swarmed a walk-in COVID-19 vaccination site newly set up in central Tokyo for young people on Saturday morning, hoping to get tickets for about 300 shots offered for the day.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government conducted a vaccine lottery after disarray on the first day of the program Friday when a line began to form from early morning and people snapped up some 200 vaccination slots provided on a first-come, first-served basis well before registration was scheduled to start.

The vaccination site near Shibuya Station, set up in the wake of the coronavirus resurgence in the capital, was to distribute lottery tickets from 9 a.m., but the metropolitan government started the distribution about 40 minutes ahead of schedule due to the growing line, which eventually stretched around 1 kilometer, according to Tokyo officials.

Of the 2,226 people who waited in line, 354 people won vaccination tickets, according to the metropolitan government.

27日の重症者を年代別で見てみますと、40代から60代が多くを占めていますが、全体の1割ほどは30代以下の若い世代です。その若い世代を対象とした東京・渋谷のワクチン接種会場を取材すると、2000人以上が集まり、27日以上の行列ができていました。 28日の東京都心は、最高気温が34.8度まで上がり、危険な暑さとなっていました。この暑さのなか、若者を対象とした渋谷のワクチン接種会場には朝から多くの希望者が集まっていました。

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