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16 Awesome Things From Japan That Should Immediately Be Used Everywhere on Earth

Written by on April 16, 2021

Japan is an incredible country. What amazes us the most about the Land of the Rising Sun is that it rapidly produces lots of wonderful and useful things every year. We can’t help but admire all the beauty and splendor of Japanese culture, and we can’t wait to see the greatest achievements of Japanese creative minds used by the rest of the world.

We selected 16 awesome things from Japan that should immediately be used in every country of the world.

1. Public workouts

-Physical exercises are performed in parks, at schools, and in offices.

15. Subway navigation for tourists

Each station is given a combination of numbers and letters to help foreigners travel around the city fairly easily even with minimal knowledge of Japanese.

3. Sending and receiving parcels right in the store

You can send and receive parcels at any store. No more standing in a long line at the post office!

4. Plastic cups filled with ice cubes for coffee

These cups are sold in FamilyMart and 7-Eleven. You just add the coffee after you have paid for the cup.

5. A hot water dispenser for noodles

Stores that sell instant noodles have a hot water dispenser at the exit. Enjoy your freshly made noodles on the spot!

6. Running routes next to the parks

Everyone can get changed, store their clothes in lockers, and go jogging after work.

7. Hard-boiled eggs in a package

A useful thing for those who value their time.

8. Toilets with the sink above the tank

This amazing innovation helps to conserve a lot of water.

9. Ordering food from a restaurant via vending machines

These machines are placed at the entrance to the restaurant.

10. Umbrella holders on bikes

This is a brilliant invention for all vehicles. Now there’s no such thing as bad weather.

11. Communal baths called Sento

These baths are the perfect place to unwind after a hard day at work. A ticket to such saunas is cheaper than a drink in a bar.

12. Butter grater

Spreading cold butter on bread is way too easy with this fascinating innovation.

13. Free umbrellas for everyone

Boxes with free-to-use umbrellas are placed at every bus stop and street in Japan. Anyone can take an umbrella for free when it’s raining and then drop it into any other similar box located around the city.

14. Automatic bicycle parking system

To solve the problem of overcrowded bike racks and storage, the city authorities developed an underground bicycle parking system. The complex itself looks like an elevator. You simply pay for the service, place the bicycle on the runway, and wait for the doors to open. Then the automatic system takes care of the rest. In order to get your bike back, you simply need to hold your card up to the scanner located next to the parking door.

15. Cooling spray

16. Dispen Pak

A super convenient package for liquid condiments and sauces. Fold the package in half, and gently squeeze it to push the contents out of the hole in the center.

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