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If you couldn’t make it to these shows in Japan, worry not: now’s your chance to watch them online! The story of Sailor Moon comes in many forms, but one […]

At his first troop review on Saturday, Fumio Kishida vowed to strengthen the country’s military and consider acquiring so-called enemy base strike capability. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Saturday […]

Interesting decor, enticing food names, and endearing staff made this a meal Ikuna will always remember! Our Japanese-language reporter Ikuna Kamezawa is busy living her best life traveling the world […]

Ms. Setouchi studied Japanese literature at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University and married Yasushi Sakai, who was nine years her senior, in 1943, during World War II. She accompanied him when […]

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has urged businesses to raise wages by 3 percent or more at their annual labor talks next spring. Kishida met with government officials and business […]

Though maybe he should have seen this coming. It’s pretty safe to say that no one enjoys doing their taxes. Looking back at all the time you spent working over […]

A deputy prime minister from the interim Taliban government in Afghanistan requested Japan’s ambassador to open the embassy of Japan in Kabul after a meeting in the capital city of […]

Japanese experts have lowered Tokyo’s coronavirus healthcare system alert level to the lowest of the four stages in the scale. The decision was made when experts and Tokyo Metropolitan Government […]

Get a drink and a taste of history from this 87-year-old Ginza drinking den! Did you know there’s an 87-year-old beer hall in the swanky shopping neighborhood in Tokyo known […]

Individuals in Japan failed to declare taxable income totaling Y20.1 billion related to new forms of economic activity, including the sharing economy, in the year through June, the government said […]