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How hard could it be? Not too long ago, nine male members of our writing team submitted their faces to an app that generated a female alterego of themselves. The […]

Tokyo stocks plunged Friday morning, with the Nikkei falling over 2 percent to its lowest intraday level in nearly a month, as reports of a new COVID-19 variant raised concerns […]

You better know your Fuji apples from your San Fuji apples. Although it was recently the target of some shade thrown by a certain Sega exec not too long ago, […]

A deputy prime minister of the Taliban’s interim government in Afghanistan called on Japan’s ambassador to reopen the country’s embassy in Kabul when the two met in the capital of […]

Police in Inami, Hyogo Prefecture, have arrested a 51-year-old man on suspicion of killing his two nephews, aged seven and 12, and then setting fire to their house, on Nov […]

Mizuho Financial Group Inc. chairman and president as well as the head of its banking unit will resign next spring following a series of system failures that have hurt public […]

Plato has been one of the most important philosophers in the West and is now read all over the world. He has undergone a lot of research in academia, but […]

In a break from tradition, instead of having a new tiara made to mark the occasion, Princess Aiko will use her aunt’s tiara at her coming-of-age ceremony. On December 1, […]

We sample the tastiest street food from around Asia without leaving Japan! While Japan isn’t currently under any corona-related states of emergency, leaving the country for a vacation is still […]

Newsfrom Japan Nov 26, 2021 FILE PHOTO: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida speaks during his press conference, after the parliament re-elected him as prime minister following an election victory last […]